Motivational Speaking

JMA can provide you with a range of associates offering motivational speaking. These can be for any type of event, from conferences, dinners, award ceremonies and team meetings or training events.

Motivational speaking is an excellent opportunity to inspire and provoke thinking. The essential technique is to make the topic relevant and poignant. Our speakers have a range of backgrounds and the ability to deliver heartfelt and provocative talks in a range of environments.

Every speaker will tailor their session and content according to the audience and the topic of the event. For example, at a recent award ceremony for young people, Jane was able to reflect on how she had ‘filled her bag’ with experiences over the years and encourage the audience to think about what was already in their bag and how they would add to it. The feedback was excellent, the young people mesmerised – especially when Jane pulled a fake gun from her bag! Even the parents commented on how they felt encouraged to think again about their own lives!

Motivational speaking can be fun, evocative and most importantly thoughtful. Overall it is a quick way to promote and encourage thinking and development within a target audience.