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Welcome to the newly revised website for Jane Myers Associates Ltd. We hope you enjoy browsing through the information on the site and find what you are looking for. Hopefully you will be inspired to talk to us about how we might assist you in the development of yourself and those you work with. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or for further information.

JMA Ltd believes that everyone has the potential to learn, develop and change. This is best achieved in an effectively facilitated environment, through coaching, training workshops and long term development programmes. Helping individuals to identify their own ways of thinking will develop stronger and more productive cognitive processing in the long term. This will lead to better thinking people, more capable of reaching their potential. 


Facilitation is the art of respecting the individual and allowing them to develop their own thinking and learning. By creating space for people to think can lead to more efficient and effective learning as well as creating the foundations for better learning long term. Effectively facilitated learning programmes can take less time yet promote deeper and more substantial change and development. Why not talk to us about improving your own facilitation style or developing your training programmes to be more effective?

Highlights - DYS ART

JMA Ltd are the UK partner in this EU project. The kick off meeting was held in Denmark in November 2011. The aim of the project is to promote understanding of dyslexia along with highlighting the needs of the dyslexic individual in the workplace. The project intends to use art and technology to get the key messages and information across to a wide audience. 

Read the project summary in PDF

JMA hosted a group meeting of the partners in January 2012, where the partners met along with the UK partner team to learn more about what is available for dyslexic people in the UK. The meeting was attended by the Miles Dyslexia Unit, the RAF and the Independent Dyslexia Consultants. The EU project was represented by partners from Sicily, Italy and Denmark, with our Turkish partner linking in via Skype!