Specific Learning Difficulties

Everyone learns in their own unique style, it is simply that that some people can be profiled for their learning style more effectively than others. These are hidden learning difficulties which are specific to a series of cognitive profiles. 

There are five key SpLD’s which are referred to under this heading:

  • Dyslexia (difficulty with words)
  • dyspraxia (difficulty with movement)
  • dysphasia (difficulty with speech)
  • dyscalculia (difficulty with number)
  • dysgraphia (difficulty with writing)

Dyslexia is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘without word’ or ‘having a difficulty with words or language’.

SpLD’s occur in approximately 10% of the population, although this may vary depending on the socio-economic group e.g. prison populations. 

SpLD’s occur despite normal intellectual ability and teaching. It is constitutional in origin, part of one’s make-up and independent of socio-economic or language background.

If you think you have an SpLD or would like further information regarding a colleague or friend, then do contact JMA for more information.