Creating an inclusive learning environment

Making changes for the dyslexic learner can benefit all learners, whatever the setting or medium for learning. There are many techniques, simple and subtle ideas which can make a huge difference.

For example:

Changing the colour of paper being used

Using the right fonts on handouts

Knowing how to make powerpoint presentations most effective

Changing styles of delivery

There are many more in addition to this, so why not find out what simple changes you could be making, understand why you should make the changes and consider what else could be good practice.

JMA can offer 1:1 or organisational consultancy on this topic. Having written the original  â€˜How to be Dyslexia Friendly’ paper, Jane knows lots about how to make this work. Jane has also been a consultant to a range of Communications organisation, looking at tools which can make the learning environment more accessible.

Workshops are also available on this topic, again to suit your organisational needs.