Organisational Coaching Culture

Performance and developemtn coaching is an increasingly popular tool used within the workplace to support personal and company development. It offers indivudals the space and time to focus on objectives and consider new and innovative ways in which to improve their performance. 

The Return on Investment (ROI) is priceless. Organisations have recognised the value of investing in their personnel. It raises performance levels and creates a more successful and productive workforce.

Studies have shown that companies investing in coaching, report higher productivity and performance levels. This reinforces the argument that the ROI on coaching is indeed one of the highest employee investment returns a company can make. 

Many organisations are creating a coaching culture within management. By changing management style, teams are able to flourish and perform with ease. 

JMA’s team of coaches can help your organisation create a culture of coaching, from training managers to advising board members. In addition, JMA can design and create bespoke materials to support your staff as coaches and coachees.