Individual Coaching

The way coaching works...

The coach will have a range of techniques and tools; they will use the appropriate tools which suit you and your topics. A good coach will ask quality questions, which will reflect your thinking and challenge you safely. The initial coaching session will establish ways of working, confidentiality and set long term goals. The session content will largely be guided by you with the coach seeking focus and direction in your thinking. 

Coaching can be a liberating experience, offering an opportunity to reflect, plan and act upon new ideas. It can help you identify what is preventing you from achieving your goals or targets. 

Coaching can be a fantastic opportunity for you to develop  and grow.

Coaching is non-directive and non-judgemental.

Whilst coaching styles will differ the essential elements will remain the same. It is important that you choose a coach who suits you, your needs and your style. JMA has a range of associates offering quality coaching. Check out the profiles and talk to them (probably on the phone), or meet, before choosing who you would like to work with. 

The number of sessions you have will be agreed between you and your coach. This will largely depend on you, your requirements and expectations. 

JMA has associates across the UK and seeks to ensure that there is always a good fit between coach and coachee. JMA also has access to counsellors and therapists.