What to wear?

What to wear? Is it still winter or are we in spring? The sound of the spring chorus early on a morning suggests we are moving out of the winter blues and into some lovely weather, and in fact it has been so mild too. But there’s still a cold twist at the end of the day. So what to wear? 

It’s amazing how we adapt to weather changes, sometimes we need to layer our clothing to manage the demands of the day.

In the same way, we need to layer our facilitation to make sure we can accommodate any turn of events with our learners. This is becoming increasingly more obvious to me as I deliver training and coaching to such a wide range of clients. 

The way I ‘dress’ a piece of learning in one environment may not be the same as in another. Everyone has their own ‘climate’ and as facilitators we need to ‘wear’ our learning accordingly. This can often be a challenge when we don’t know what the clients will present us with. (just like the weather!)

Unlike managing my clothes in this crazy English weather, I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of layering the learning I am working within. As a facilitator it is the ability to develop new layers of thinking which leads to success for our clients. 

Ever changing weather can be dull, but ever changing facilitation can be the best fun ever!

So, what are you wearing today? And why?

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